Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Paris Girl Sitting

Nikon D800  F/4.5  1/800s  ISO-800  PrAP  EV 0  24mm
under the Big 5...

I'm as interested as you hopefully are to see what the difference between the unprocessed version of this street scene and the fiddled with version is, and if it's an improvement at all.

Actually, after all the fiddling I actually did, I'm quite pleased to see how subtle yet useful I think the changes are.

Just to give you an idea, I changed the white balance to cloudy (I'm working with RAW here), added some colour boost on the People setting (less saturated than the Nature setting), some shadow protection (not sure what this does exactly yet), a blip of D-Lighting HS (definitely don't know what this does - seems to get a bit lighter but quickly very washed out in an unattractive way)... and some sharpness.

No cropping and nothing else before saving as a reasonably high quality JPG. It sounds quite a lot, but as you can see I generally used minimal amounts of these modifications, unlike my usual tendency to totally overdo things, and you can see the result below. Maybe it'll start a trend: subtlety for Sab's Paris shots. But probably not.


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