Monday, 9 July 2012

Something's Afoot...

... caress it if you dare

Nikon D800  F/10  1/400s  ISO-3200  PrPR  EV 0  29mm 
Now here's the rub. What if I think my iPhone pics are better than my D800 ones. Hmm. Could be a problem there somewhere. Or not.

It may be simply a question of point of view.

Here's my straight-out-of-the-can Nikon pic on the right.

Just below on the left I'll put my iPhone attempts after post-playing - let's not call it processing - and you can judge the results.

That's quite a contrasty one; on the right just below I'll put a softer version which is actually the one I published on Paris & I in the end.

Maybe my disappointment in the Nikon's results is simply because I haven't got into any heavy processing yet. I'm a devil for heavy processing, I'll have you know, and anyway, I'm not comparing like with like.

In fact, my biggest question now is which application I'm going to use for my 'heavy' (or why not subtle) processing in the future. I don't think I'm going to be able to escape it because I'm just not a fan of the flat and yes, life-like images that come out of any camera's barrel immediately after the event.

iPhone 3GS photos

I feel that we should do something to pep up nature and my personal aim anyway is to produce images half way between grim photographic reality and an impressionist painting.

I've said that before, but never on Nikon and Me, so now I have, so there.

Nikon D800  F/9  1/320s  ISO-3200  PrPR  EV 0  55mm
The final picture's another one out-of-the-can before I get to playing around with it. Another one where there's a choice between showing the difference between the two shoes, and including the owner of said footwear. Personally I'll go with showing the master in a close up shot on the shiny shoe - it seems to pull the whole story together pretty well. You've got to get down low though.

That's the low-down... now what do YOU think's best? Feel free to comment, if anyone's actually discovered this new blog already. Your constructive thoughts will be most welcome.

And why not...

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