Friday, 13 July 2012

Pull Up A Chair...

... then zoom like hell

Messing around in the Tuileries gardens in Paris. It's one of those places full of those typical green chairs immortalised by some of the great Paris street photographers, like Sab Will, and, ermm, oh, ahhh, AH, yes, Doisneau and Cartier-Bresson and Ronis and the rest.

As you can see I decided to zoom as I took the shot, starting to zoom before clicking and continuing afterwards to make sure there was some movement and fluidity to it. My problem now is, which one to choose. Hmmm. Here's the choice:

Nikon D700  F/29  1/15s  ISO-200  PrSH  EV 0  ??mm

In the end I went for the top one for the repetition of the green in the trees and the even more impressive zoom  effect they give which isn't so strong in the chairs-only shots although the latter are a little purer for it. But lacking a sense of place. You can even get a hint of someone going by in the shot below, whereas the other shots do seem a little sterile. Seats are for sitting on by human backsides, after all!

Here's the final effort although I certainly didn't spend much time on it. Hang on, I'll time myself... oh, I forgot, but about two minutes, so don't expect anything mindblowing...

I see now that the photo was taken with the shady setting in the white balance control activated to counter what was really a rather dull and rainy day indeed, which accounts for the overall orangy tinge to the pictures, which I've left in here.

The other element, which doesn't even exist in the others pics of the chairs-only, is some semblance of contrast. The brightness of the distant path and the darkness of the trees offers some much needed high and low tones in what would otherwise be a very flat photo.

And finally it's allowed me to change the dimensions of the picture to a more panoramic format, which works quite well here I think.

And why not...

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