Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mine's A Pint...

Nikon D800  F/4.8  1/10s  ISO-3200  PrAP  EV +1  50mm 
... photographing glass

And what would you do, presented with a jug, a glass and a half full (or half empty?) bottle of rouge in front of you and a Nikon D800 in your hand?

You'd see what it did with glass, of course!

The first shot here is the best, in terms of exposure. The other two are simply around one and two stops less, with the shutter speed going up from 1/10 to 1/20 and 1/30 respectively.

The problem with a hand-held 1/10th of a second of course is camera shake, and if you blue this up I'm sure you'd see some.

The 50mm lens gives a very life-like representation of the subject, very much as if you were right there looking at it.

It could be even lighter, by a stop or so to be honest, to be completely life-life, but it's a good exercise in trying stuff out to see what happens. And the more you take shots like this and experiment with settings the more you get an instinctive feel for what exposure's going to be more or less right and can dispense with pointless settings like what the camera thinks the 'right' exposure should be, in this case, which would be a pretty dull disaster, as seen in the shot on the left below.

The minus one stop setting used on the right was clearly way out of bounds. I quite like the hand though.

Glass is definitely an experiment I'll be doing more of in the future with the D800, as from the look of these shots, the potential to capture some excellent images looks to be enormous. As ever... stay focused, and see you next time.


And why not...

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