Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Louverly Pyramid...

Nikon D800  F/29  1/20s  ISO-200  PrSH  EV +1  52mm
...and how to make it your own

Thought I'd throw my new D800 around a bit to see what happened, hoping for a slightly more original pic of the upside down Louvre pyramid than some.

The initial result is on the right. Pretty dull in fact - I should have compensated by at least two stops instead of one coz with all that light and glass it underrexposed something rotten.

I liked the light shapes though and also the fact that the dude seemed to be wearing the thing on his back like some sort of ludicrously designed rucksack, so I thought I'd go ahead and play with it a bit anyway. The result's below.

I'm always interested to see what the options were at the 'shortlisting' phase, so here are the other shots I had to hand to choose from:

As you can see, they're almost all fairly gloomy, and along with the dark page background the whole site's looking pretty sombre - I'll have to sort that out soon!

Although they were interesting as experiments in shutter speed and zooming and controlled blur, none of them really stood out the way the one I chose did, and even then it's not stunning, but interesting enough for me to have written this much already. More soon from Nikon and Me people...

And why not...

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