Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dali's Paris Sundial...

Nikon D800  F/6.3  1/8000s  ISO-3200  PrPR  EV 0  120mm
... weeping tears of irony

A good example of a cock-up here. I'd obviously left my ISO at the pointlessly high 3200 from the night before, so this image is grainier and the shutter speed was far faster than it needed to be at 1/8000s.

Then again, at the lens' maximum zoom of 120mm it probably didn't hurt none either to reduce camera shake to a minimum.

In any case, grain is visible but the result's very good at this ISO, even compared to my old D700, which would have produced a grainier image, I'm sure.

This is also an excellent example of that ridiculously large resolution coming into its own, even when you're not intending to print huge versions of these images.

For me, the most interesting aspect of this picture is where the vandal's paint has dripped down and trickled out of the corner of the eye. But this is a tiny detail of the overall image, and I couldn't get any closer without tilting the camera up too much and distorting everything.

The second picture, on the left here, shows that you can get a perfectly useable image of even this small detail at this large resolution, especially if the final destination is people's computer screens as practically all my images are. If you click it you should be able to get a bigger image and you will see some grain, but it's acceptable.

I've brightened up the images in Paint Shop Pro, because I didn't compensate for the underexposure caused by the very light wall and plaque, and one of my next experiments is going to be to discover adjustment masks or layers which I've just read about.

I told you this was a friendly enthusiast's blog, not an expert's, so I hope you're with me on this! It's about applying simple adjustments like contrast and saturation (and sharpness?) to masks which can simply be turned on an off in any order and don't actually change the underlying image itself, so I'm looking forward to that to see if it makes the workflow easier. More later.

And why not...

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