Sunday, 15 July 2012

All White Now...

Nikon D800  F/5.6  1/1250s  ISO-200  PrAP  EV 0  120mm
... seriously, no sheet

I had four shots of this living statue in the middle of a crowd of passing tourists, all more or less with the same settings because I just stood there and snapped, hoping to get one which was reasonable.

By reasonable I mean the statue visible, including the all important hand (unless I was just going for the head, which I wasn't as I liked the hand) but seeming to swim in this sea of people.

The passing heads were far darker than the pure quite guy, and along with a shallow depth of field he stands out nicely.

Of the four shots above, the first one stood out for me, for obvious reasons. All the others had distracting elements or the statue was quite simply interferred with in some way by the crowd. The first shot was about as good as I was going to get and after a bit of post-processing I ended up with the one below.

I just cropped to strengthen the composition, warmed the shot up a bit and pumped up the contrast a tad to make him stand out even more.

At a shutter speed of 1/1250s the passing pedestrians would be frozen so the shallow depth of field was essential here. Unfortunately, at maximum zoom I couldn't get lower than f5.6 which means that the crowd and the background aren't as fuzzy as they could have been but almost so I'll go with it.

What I mean by 'going with it' is that if I don't think a picture has any merit, even if it's only educational, I won't put it on Nikon and Me. But as long as it's reasonably cool, or illustrates an important or interesting aspect of photography I'll offer it up, for what it's worth. Here's what I ended up with:

Black and white looks quite nice too, check it out:

And why not...

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