Monday, 16 April 2012

Wide Angle Whatnots...

D90  F/4.2  1/1250s  ISO-200  PrAp  EV+0.7  19mm
...and probably more 'What?' than not!

Some more shots from my friend's D90 which is DX don't forget, and his cool 10-24mm wide angle lens, which I really don't think I made the best use of on this particular shoot. My excuse is it was just a reconnaissance mission and anyway I don't shoot well when I'm not alone. Don't say it..!

Pic 1
The shot above was more or less straight out of the camera. All I did was reduce its size and add one blip of sharpness. That's above right. Then I played around a little with the levels and saturation. You can see the results below.

Now I have a problem: my monitors. I work on two most of the time, and they're not the same. The result is I honestly don't know what the image directly above here looks like to you.

On the monitor I played around with it on it looked the way I wanted it to look. In other words the sharpness and saturation especially pushed up just to the right side of too much for my taste. Of course my taste is mine alone, so there's no point judging that.

On the monitor I'm using to type these words now it looks like it's crossed the 'too much' line I just mentioned. But which screen should I trust? Oh dear. Well, if you think you can guess where my 'too much' line is you might be able to help me out, but I'm not very hopeful.

One thing you won't find me doing much here is saying here is that a picture is too much of this or not enough of that if a person tells me that's how they wanted it. If someone tells you that's how they wanted it then it's absolutely perfect to them, and there's no point in arguing!

The shot above was also a grabbed record shot, so there's very little point talking about the composition or anything else either. You  can clearly see the wide angle effect though, especially in those angles desperately trying to join up before they shoot out of the top of the shot!

D90  F/4.2  1/400s  ISO-200  PrAp  EV+2  19mm
Pic 2
Here are some pigeons. Yeah, original, right! Well of course there's not much point taking pigeons unless they're doing something you find interesting or funny.

So by some great stroke of luck, accompanied by a mighty 'Hah!' and an arm wave, they (almost) all decided to fly off from their foot bath at the same time. Does wonders for your camera stability this one, I can tell you.

Nothing special then, just a chance for me to share a bit of modus operandi with ya folks! And yet, could I make anything of this? In true street photography fashion, and man and woman were probably one of my last concerns as I was trying to scare the birds and keep my camera steady simultaneously, although I do faintly remember wanting them to be in the shot around about where they are.

The position of each bird was, of course, carefully planned.

At first I thought the gushing drain cover had to be in the shot, as that's why the birds were there in the first place. Then I realised the error of my ways, especially when I gazed at the vast amount of boring grey tarmac on the bottom left of the shot doing nothing at all.

So off zee bottom fell the drain and the tarmac, and I also got rid of the red sign as the only red I wanted in the shot was... well, that's fairly obvious, isn't it?

Then I went crazy on a few of the settings like contrast and saturation to get this effect which pleases me a lot. Some hate it, I know this, but that's absolutely fine, of course.

The result of all this is that I've actually ended up wangling a photo which isn't too bad out of a pretty down and dirty starting point. I'm happy.

D90  F/4  1/640s  ISO-200  PrAp  EV+2  16mm
Pic 3
Gorgeous little set of streets this, tucked away in the 13th arrondissement. We've got one of these purple plants at our place to the south of Paris but it's not as advanced as this one, i.e. not out yet, so Paris must have some sort of micro climate or something. Actually, they do say that Paris is about two degrees warmer than the surrounding areas so that must be it.

Anyway, although it's really very good, I couldn't resist playing around with it a little. I did this on my 'hotter' screen to see if you can see the difference this made to my processing.

Having said that I've been purposefully more restrained on this one two, so if you add the hotter monitor to restraint, maybe it'll end up looking flat and boring to you, who knows! I didn't bother re-cropping at all as this was just a record shot so I'm not that bothered about trying to make something of it...

That'll do for today I think. Let me know what you think of this style of article and if you'd like see some more in the same vein. If you like then great - you'll get more. If you don't... well, I'll probably do more anyway, as it's fun  ;~Sab

And why not...

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