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Nikon Reflexes The Parts...

There are those famous five Olympic rings...
...other gears cannot reach!

And that was the polite version. Get this:

Came out of the Nikon Pro Tour at south Paris' Stade Charlety having drooled over the new D800 and got tooled up with a friend to do a 13th arrondissement reconnaissance mission ahead of a Paris photo walk with my Meet Up group, Paris If You Please.

So anyway, there we were with a D700, D90 and D7000 between the two of us.

Five more of his favourites, I presume
For a reason which now escapes me, we were both concentrating our lenses hard on the top of a metal post in the street from a distance of a few centimetres, looking, no doubt, to the outside world like a right couple of dorks, when this complete stranger comes up to us.

"What are you doing?", she bluntly demanded. In these sorts of situations my typically twisted British wit takes a while to respond as it weighs up all the killingly funny responses it could come  up with, from dryly literal to drolley satirical, against the chances of getting smacked for them.

iPhone 3GS photo
I can't even remember what I said before some sort of conversation about something, possibly concerning metal posts was underway, and my buddy and I were discretely looking at our watches.

Our luck was lazy that day though, for as soon as the lady finally shuffled off than the next person to fall under the Nikon spell sidled up.

iPhone 3GS photo
I honestly don't know how it happened, but in the space of about 30 seconds we had somehow become the personal film crew to some dude who directed us to take pictures of him standing next to and pointing at various versions of the Olympic symbols scattered around the place.

Don't get me wrong; this wasn't a negative experience. It was just mildly bizarre, and I went with it for a while, resulting in the shots here. When we were finally able to extract ourselves from his clutches I asked him if he wanted the pics, and he said yes. Unfortunately he doesn't do e-mail, so it seems I'm supposed to print them out and send them somewhere. Hmm. Are there limits to my gullibility? Watch this space (between my ears).

There's no getting away from them...
Having said all that, it was quite fortuitous, as I got to try out the D90 with a nice 10-24mm DX lens attached. I must admit that a really wide angle lens is something I regret not having, using a 24-120mm FX on my D700 for all my Paris street work for convenience.

So here's this guy directing us around whilst I'm thinking it would be quite a good opportunity to try out this lens on its shortest length. Being a DX lens, it's really around 15-36mm in full-frame FX terms, which still makes it pretty wide at the bottom end, and much wider than my usual 24mm.

They're everywhere!
Unfortunately, my photographic excitement was being a bit tempered by this guy directing us around taking snaps of these Olympic symbols so I can't claim to have anything particularly interesting here.

I'll often tell you that my articles won't be at all technical, so this definitely isn't the place to come if nitty-gritty details is what you're after.

iPhone 3GS photo
Honestly, my technical 'interference' in this domain I know very little about will probably come down to highly precise and confidence-inspiring comments such as 'Seems pretty sharp to me...', or 'Blur can be creative, can't it?'

iPhone 3GS photo
As I said at the beginning of this series and this blog, heavy serious stuff isn't what I'm about. Nikon and Me is simply me rambling on about my dealings with one particular brand of camera, and possibly others if  they creep into 'the picture', as it were. It's the same idea as my wolf dog blog. I'll talk about other dogs if he meets one and an incident occurs, but otherwise it's only my dog I'll be talking about...

I love writing and I love photography and I love Nikon, so I don't suppose I'll be running out of ramble any time soon, and time is the biggest constraining factor I have on me at the moment.

Well, I don't want these articles to become huge unreadable missives so I'll stop here, and hope a couple of lines in there were worth reading. See you next time for more adventures from Nikon and me.

And why not...
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